How to find spy apps on Android

You may have information that someone else wants to get. If the person works in business, it could be data about new product development, sales strategies, etc. If you gave your Android phone away for repairs, you may have a spy app installed for some reason to track your location via GPS or copy data. There is a large and thriving industry whose main purpose is to spy on other people with spyware. But no matter how clever the spyware is, there are ways to detect it on your Android tablet or smartphone. How to find spy apps on Android? What are the signs of spyware on your gadget?

Signs of spyware on your gadget

  • Unusual sounds when calling. If distant voices or clicks (or chunks of someone’s voice) come through your phone when you’re talking, it’s a sign that you’re being bugged.
  • Decreased battery capacity. If your phone is tapped, it is recording your activities and transmitting them to a third party. Such operations leave a mark in the form of excessive use of battery power. 
  • Your phone shows activity when it’s not being used. Does your gadget make a noise or trigger the screen when not in use? Calls and message alerts should be quiet when the device is not in use. Does your phone reboot for no reason? Then someone may have remote access to that gadget.
  • The phone takes a long time to shut down. Before shutting down, the smartphone must close any apps it’s processing. If the gadget is transferring information to another device, it will take longer for it to complete a particular process. If the phone takes longer than usual to shut down, especially after texting, calling, surfing the web, or emailing, it’s probably sending information to a third party.

Spyware on Android

Find spyware on Android can be found in the files of the smartphone. To do this, you should follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings”, select “Applications”.
  • Then click on “Run services” or “Manage applications”.
  • Look for suspicious files.

Good spyware often has file names that are masked so they don’t stand out. In some cases, they may have the following terms in their names: stealth, monitor, spy, etc. Some less advanced programs are still very easy to detect. There is no need to worry if you find evidence of spyware being used on your gadget. It is better not to delete files that you don’t know about. If suspicious software is found, it is recommended to take your device to a specialist in a service center.

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