Spy apps that can be installed remotely

Until recently, remote monitoring of computers and smartphones was only available to hackers. But now many things have changed – today it is easier than ever to monitor the contents of someone else’s desktop and browser history. To do this, all you have to do is install spyware. What about spy apps that can be installed remotely?

Despite various myths online, you cannot install such software remotely. You need to have contact with your phone to install the application. Otherwise, you simply won’t be able to get information from the device.


Spyware stealthily intercepts information from your computer, extracts various data (e.g. for logins) and sometimes automatically installs malware and redirects website addresses, increasing the amount of spam displayed. They are designed to be difficult or even impossible to detect and remove. Spyware is installed unnoticed by the user, for example when opening email attachments or visiting suspicious websites, and it is divided into different subcategories: Trojans that use vulnerabilities to intercept logins and passwords; rootkits that provide persistent remote access to the computer and adware that redirects users to dangerous sites.

Contrary to popular belief, not all spyware installations are illegal or harmful. Not only that, but we encounter them every day. We’re talking about the popular cookies that are asked for consent at almost every step of the way when you’re surfing the web. They are stored on the end-device, and their main task is to ensure the proper functioning of the page being viewed. Depending on user preferences, cookies personalize ads and content shown, and remember products added to online shopping carts. Although cookies themselves are harmless, they can sometimes be used by attackers to steal personal information and track user activity.


This is one of the most popular spyware, designed to collect data typed on computer keyboards (passwords, information about search queries, contents of emails and chats). Keep in mind that Keylogger must be physically installed on the target device, which means it cannot be done remotely. Once installed, the application runs in the background, remaining unnoticed by the computer owner and antivirus program. New generation Keyloggers are not only limited to data collection, they also perform a number of other practical functions. For example, SpyLogger Mail Plus allows taking screenshots and recording audio collected by a microphone on your computer and sending them to a specified email address.


Covert monitoring is also possible with smartphones with SpyPhone spyware installed, which works invisibly for the victim and continuously monitors his activity. With SpyPhone you can get full access to the phone, including interception of sent SMS-messages, emails and chats, tracking the location by GPS and even eavesdropping and recording of phone conversations in real time. 

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