What are the best spy apps for Android

There are several dozens of spy programs / mobile spyware, which can be remotely installed on a cell phone in “silent mode” and spy on its owner, without giving away their presence. Previously, it was believed that by adhering to the so-called hygiene of cybersecurity, you can reliably protect yourself from such interference in your personal life. Today, however, even those who avoid risky behavior on the web, who use the most modern protection and the latest software updates can become victims of mobile spying. What are the best spy apps for Android?

Thanks to the latest protection tools, some of the mobile spy apps can be tracked. However, in order to keep these protections up to date, you need to know how to configure them. After all, attackers, just like security specialists, don’t sit still and go to great lengths to hide their programs from automated protection systems. At the same time, over time, it becomes more and more difficult to configure defenses, while successful attacks become easier and easier. This is partly because, at the instigation of Western intelligence services, the most advanced information technologies are now in the public domain.

We are witnessing an increasing exponential asymmetry in cybersecurity: the attackers are in a better position than the defenders. Below are a few examples of mobile spies that are distributed as legitimate – under the guise of so-called parental control systems and the like. All of them hide their actions from the owner of the cell phone.

FlexiSpy mobile spy

FlexiSpy. This program was originally classified as a mobile trojan because of its aggressive behavior; but then it began to behave more mildly and was dropped from the mobile trojan category. It allows you to spy on cell phones and tablets.

Mobile spy Mspy

Mspy. Works on smartphones and tablets. Allows you to monitor calls, SMS, emails, GPS location, browsing history, calendar, address books, IM messages; allows you to control installed applications, view multimedia files. Mspy also has remote control features, such as wiping the device completely and collecting detailed reports.

Mobile Spy Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy. Has most of the functions of FlexiSpy; in addition, it can block applications, install new applications and interact in real time with the control panel of the cell phone’s user interface.

Highster Mobile Spy

The Highster Mobile app is an easy-to-use monitoring program: text messages, phone records, call logs, everything is sent from the victim’s phone to either email, mobile or a secure online account.

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